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Baptist Ministry Centre Staff

Director of Ministries

Pastor Victor Owuor

Director of Ministries

Executive Team

Pastor Jackie Smoker

Head of Ministry Support & Standards

Michael Buckmaster

Head of Finance & Administration

Ministry Support & Standards Team

Matt Chapman

EA to the Director of Ministries
Ministry Support Officer

Pastor Dan McGrechan

Ministry Support Pastor (Growth)

Pastor Ed Devine

Ministry Support Pastor (Next Gen)

Cung Uk Lal

Ministry Support Pastor (CALD)

Mike Bullard

Ministry Support Pastor (CALD Equipping)

Nathan Seinemeier

Ministry Standards Pastor 
Safe Church Educator

Gillian Walker

Safe Church Coordinator

Ben Jefferies

Head of Campsites & Events

Sue Ash

Professional Standards Officer

Warren Haley

Endorsement Officer

Anneliese Faase


Sandra Iliev

Administration Assistant
Camping Centres and Events


Finance & Administration Team

Barbara Jamieson

OH&S Coordinator

Marianne Walker

PA to Head of Finance & Administration
Ministry Assistant

Associated National Ministries

Gail Maddocks

State Insurance Manager
Baptist Insurance Services

Graham Hill

WA State Leader
Baptist Mission Australia


Church Relationship Manager
Baptist World Aid Australia

Baptist Business Support Services

Shelley Bartels

Relationship Manager
Baptist Financial Services

Haylee Dean-Smith


Natasha Anderson


David Field


Alissa Kok

Senior Accountant

Jo Gosen

Accounts Assistant

Deborah Leung

Accounts Assistant

Lonely Nkhuwa

Accounts Assistant

Yun Zaw


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