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It's easy to get accredited

Thinking about becoming an Accredited Person in Ministry with BCWA? Great!

If you’re here, you’re probably considering Accreditation.

But, what exactly does that mean? At BCWA, Accreditation is an act of dedication where a person is set for ongoing ministry centered on the Word of God, the care of people, and the equipping of God’s people for service. It’s a formal, public recognition that God has a called a person into pastoral ministry. It’s also a journey of discernment, guided by the Holy Spirit, seeking evidence that a person has been called, is of suitable character, and is competent.

Recognised nationally and internationally, Accreditation is administered by BCWA on behalf of, and in partnership with, local member churches. The process takes at least two years to complete. As such, you’re encouraged to apply for Accreditation as you complete theological studies, or within 12 months of commencing a formal ministry position.

What to expect

1. Prepare

Before you apply, we encourage you to meet with your Pastor to discuss Accreditation and discern if this is right for you. You should also read the relevant policies and information, and ensure you are eligible. To enter the Accreditation Stream, you need to be:

  • Baptised by immersion.
  • An active member of a recognised Baptist Church for at least two years.
  • In, or seeking, a formal ministry position with a BCWA church, agency, or ministry (this includes Baptistcare and Defence Force Chaplaincy).
  • Completing, or have completed, theological study.

2. Apply

Register your interest with the Accreditation Team by meeting with the Head of Ministry Support & Standards. Together, you’ll discuss eligibility as well as the Accreditation process in more detail.

Then, submit your Application Forms, along with your Academics, Referees, and SafeChurch Experience (if any). Once these have been processed, you’ll have an interview with the Accreditation Team.

3. Plan

Following your interview, you’ll be provided an Accreditation Pathway and Professional Development Plan (PDP). This looks a little different for everyone as it’s tailored to each applicant, but might include further studies, experience, supervision, psychological assessments, medical assessments, aptitude assessments, or another field determined by the Accreditation Team.

4. Review

You’ll have to maintain a PDP log to record your activities and progress. You’ll also have a review every 12 – 18 months with a member of the Accreditation Team where you’ll discuss your PDP, experience, studies, and supervision.

5. Recognise

All you have to do now is submit a Final Application to become eligible to be recognised by Assembly. After your submission, you’ll attend some panel interviews (held over one day) — if you’re married, your spouse is required to attend the interviews as well. Assuming all goes well, the Panel will provide a recommendation to Council for you to be recognised at Assembly.


Important insights

Please download and read through our three information packs.

They contain crucial, detailed information on the Accreditation process and go deeper into what you can expect. We encourage you to go through these with your Pastor as a first step to Accreditation.

Are you ready?

If you’d like to formally start the Accreditation process, we’d love to explore this with you. Contact us, and we’ll put you in touch with the right person.

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