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An empowering movement helping pastors, ministries, churches, and their communities say "YES" to Jesus.

Our movement

Baptist Churches Western Australia exists to serve Baptist churches, agencies and institutions by doing those activities which are better achieved when we work together.

What’s being a Baptist all about?

We’re a diverse group of people with a whole lot in common.

Across WA, from Albany to Derby, over 17,000 people make up our movement. Globally, there’s over 100 million people who enjoy belonging to their local Baptist community.

With people from all walks of life, no two Baptist churches are the same. But, we’re all on a journey towards Jesus Christ. Together, we’re striving to become like the churches described in the Bible — places where there’s relevant teaching, heart-felt worship, honest relationships, constant prayer, and compassionate care.

It doesn’t matter if you’re yet to encounter Him, or have been a Christian all your life — we celebrate an innate sense of belonging throughout all our Baptist communities. You can find a home at one of our church families.



So That’s What a Bushel Is

So That’s What a Bushel Is October 1st 2023 There’s an art to inviting without inviting: ‘We must have you over for a meal sometime.’

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The Scandal and the Wonder

The Scandal and the Wonder August 1st 2023 I’ve been working on baptism resources lately, and it’s mainly straightforward – Don’t forget to bring them

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Six Simple Questions

Six Simple Questions June 6th 2023 Sacred agents have a priestly duty – in fact sacred agent is just a fun way of saying priest.

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