Octogenarian collects containers for a cause

Des Gilbert (87) is among the thousands of West Australians who have started to collect and deposit their recyclables as part of the Containers for Change initiative.

The Gwelup octogenarian has managed to collect more than 1,100 containers in just six months, and has more than the good of the planet in mind. He wants to raise a massive $15,000 for a state-of-the-art Tovertafel (pronounced ‘tova-taff-al’) for the seniors who share his residential care home at Baptistcare’s David Buttfield Centre (DBC). The Tovertafel or ‘magic table’, is a high-quality ceiling projector which beams light animations onto a table below. It was developed in the Netherlands for people with cognitive challenges.

“Not only are we doing our part for the environment by preventing these containers from ending up in landfill, we are also raising money for a significant cause,” Des said. “Giving back to the DBC Therapy Department is important to me since they do so much for the residents here who are journeying with dementia.” Baptistcare’s DBC Therapy and Leisure Partner, Clare West said employees, residents and their families are in awe of Des’ commitment and passion. “When Des told us that he wanted to help raise money for a Tovertafel, we were moved by his generosity,” she said. “We have seen the amazing response residents at other Baptistcare facilities have had to the Tovertafel and are excited at the prospect of having our very own.”

For more information or to make a donation, visit baptistcare.com.au