On 19 June, Made Creative launched their debut worship album, Word Spoken, at Riverton Baptist Community Church.

The album of ten songs was co-written by Sam Bricknell and Connor Nash and is the product of five months of recording for the multi-denominational worship collective they co-founded. Nash leads the worship band on acoustic guitar and vocals, and Bricknell, a Youth Pastor, preaches God’s Word and co-wrote the album.

“Made Creative is a Christian worship collective who write original worship music, create online content and travel to churches in need of a worship band. We found many churches only have a few musicians and we come to help fill that role,” Nash explained.

Made Creative posted their first video to YouTube one year ago and have since posted videos of their music, behind the scenes footage of the recording process, tutorials, podcasts and sermons

"... to encourage others to grow in their own creative expression in God."

From the beginning, Bricknell and Nash wanted to write and record a worship album but were unable to cover the costs of recording. After recruiting Joel Walkemeyer as the team’s Sound Engineer, a solution was found as they could use Joel’s TAFE studio free of charge.

Connor explained the origins of the album title.

“We actually named the album before we wrote the songs, and we have already named the second album; it was very Spirit-led.”

Sam expanded on the methodology for the album. “Our guidelines for writing the album were that it had to be inspired by Scripture to the point where you could point to the Scripture that the song was from. The album title, Word Spoken, came from the idea that the album would literally be God’s Word spoken.”

The main thing that Bricknell wants to come out of Made Creative is to encourage others to grow in their own creative expression in God.

Word Spoken is available to stream on Spotify and their online content can be found on YouTube.