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SportsFest 2.0 is complimentary.  Our goal is simply to create a platform for people to connect, have some fun, encourage each other, try some challenges and most importantly hear about Jesus.

The official launch for SportsFest 2.0 will be Monday, 25 May with ALL information being released regarding registration, challenges, submitting proof of challenge and so on. Churches confirmation is due by Friday, 26 June with registrations opening from Wednesday, 1 July – Monday, 20 July. The first challenge will be released on Monday, 3 August and each challenge Monday thereafter.  With each challenge participants are given one week to complete/submit proof of challenge.

Given, outreach and sharing the gospel is the core of SportsFest, each week we'll have a message for you from some of our Baptist Pastors in line with this year's theme Just Ordinary? Each message will focus on various individuals in the Bible who seemed very ordinary at first glance, but through following the calling that God had placed on their life, their somewhat ordinary life did extraordinary things and impacted others in an incredible way. We hope people feel encouraged to follow their calling, and staying the course that their being called to, not looking at what others are doing or what others are being called to and trying to follow suit - we were created for the extraordinary….

More information will be coming soon, if your church wishes to participate or wants to find out more please contact myself as soon as possible/prior to Friday, 26 June.

**More info coming soon - Follow SportsFest WA on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to speed!

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