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Baptist Financial Services Australia Ltd

Baptist Financial Services Australia Ltd ('BFS' and 'Baptist Financial Services') provides a Charitable Investment Scheme and offers Debenture Products which are available to any person, Church or organisation to assist us to support and expand Baptist denominational ministry throughout Australia.

Loans are made available to Churches to purchase property and manses, upgrade & repair buildings and to develop ministries including schools, aged care and community services. Personal loans are also provided to Accredited Baptist Ministers for a ministry purpose.

Investment Statement

  • Investors should be aware that this charitable investment scheme is not subject to the normal requirements under the Corporations Act to have a disclosure document and be registered or have a trust deed; and

  • The charitable investment scheme has not been examined or approved by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission; and

  • The charitable investment scheme and/or Baptist Financial Services Australia Ltd is/are not prudentially supervised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority; and

  • Contributions to the Fund do not obtain the benefit of the depositor protection provisions of the Banking Act 1959; and

  • The investment is designed for investors who wish to promote the charitable purposes of BFS and for whom the considerations of profit are not of primary relevance in the investment decision.

How does BFS use its Surpluses

BFS provides grants to the Baptist Unions in NSW, VIC, TAS, SA and WA to support a range of Baptist ministry projects.

If you'd like more information then please give the WA BFS office a call on 1300 650 542.


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