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We are looking for a pastor who can lead in a time of uncertainty with wisdom, compassion, and pastoral insight and experience. They will need to be able to articulate the foundation and power of Baptist Distinctives particularly leading BCWA in the pursuit of being a united and diverse Assembly of churches. We need a trusted and authentic communicator who can publicly and courageously hold the tension of difficult issues while staying true to God’s story in the Bible. An excellent listener and a person able to facilitate curious and meaningful conversations, empowering and encouraging, collegial and collaborative. 

This role provides spiritual and strategic leadership to BCWA directly and through the Baptist Ministry Centre in Perth. The role reports to the BCWA Council and is appointed by the Assembly. For further information, please contact the Chair of the Search team at
council@baptistwa.asn.au for a copy of the information pack and position description.

Applications close 22 September 2021.

Working Together

BCWA is an association of churches committed to helping people respond to Jesus through healthy local churches. We value—trust, generosity, and collegiality; every generation and every culture; unity that accommodates diversity; and Baptist Distinctives
as descriptive of our life together and our posture towards our communities particularly with regards religious liberty and the autonomy of each local church working cooperatively with other churches in the association.

BCWA exists to serve the Baptist churches, agencies and institutions by doing those activities which are better achieved when we work together. We exist to build healthy churches and provide support to Baptist churches without seeking to take control.

Our services include consultancy, education, youth camps, legal and financial advice, banking, insurance, advocacy and more.

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