Resourcing Christian leaders for a lifetime of healthy service.

Vose Leadership

Vose Leadership

Unlocking the power of skilful servant leadership. Resourcing Christian leaders for a lifetime of healthy service

Confidence and Competence
Teams and individuals often fail for lack of competence or confidence - the keys to success.

Vose Leadership can arm you and your team with the real working knowledge to cope with the many challenges in your church or organisation.
Vose Leadership provides brief skill trainings that are specifically designed to boost confidence and competence, such as conflict resolution, stress management, pastoral triage, care skills, working with children, governance, financial and risk management, weddings and funerals, running great meetings... and many more.

Discover and Develop
Leaders are born and made. We are all born with inherent gifts and abilities. At Vose Leadership we want to help you discover and develop your gifts and abilities. We care about your strengths, your passions, and your particular context.
Vose Leadership cares about you staying healthy and effective. We know that being passionate about what you do sometimes makes it hard to stay energetic, skilful and to have great rhythm in your life. That is why we deliver training, coaching and networking opportunities to help you remain energetic and skilful, enjoying what you do.
Vose Leadership designs and delivers a range of leadership development services for you and your emerging leaders. Our training builds on the foundation of Jesus Christ and Scripture and also utilises the best of contemporary theory and practice.

Mix and Match
Creating fantastic teams that everyone wants to join is no accident. It takes enthusiasm, insight and planning to gather good people and create flourishing teams.
Mixing and matching people with each other and with their purpose as a team, is a challenge. Conflict happens, communication happens (or doesn't happen) and people catch and lose sight of their goals and camaraderie.
Vose Leadership can help. The enthusiasm is up to you, but we can help with insights and planning skills. Vose Leadership designs and delivers group development trainings to increase understanding and camaraderie, believing that we really can be better together.

Visit the Vose Leadership website for details of upcoming events and services offered.

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