The Baptist faith - living lives that are fully dependent on God in obedience to Christ and the Bible.


Morling College (formerly Baptist Theological College of Western Australia & Vose Seminary) has been training Christian leaders since 1963 in Western Australia. The theological stance of Morling College is evangelical and gospel-centred. A high commitment to the Christian Scriptures leads to in-depth study of the Bible as essential, together with encouragement of dedicated Christian discipleship and active evangelism.

In equipping people for ministry and witness in a changing world we:

  1. Integrate biblical, theological and practical studies along with personal spiritual development and community life.
  2. Respond to contemporary issues for faith and witness.
  3. Provide resources for life-long ministry and witness in a changing world.
  4. Have qualified faculty who are evangelical in conviction, committed to maturity in Christ and are actively involved in local church life and witness.
  5. Encourage students in their own understanding of the Christian faith and develop their skills for ministry.
  6. Provide first-class library resources that enable interaction with the best of Christian experience through the centuries and from all continents.
  7. Are flexible in course arrangements to meet varying vocational goals.

Graduates of Morling serve worldwide as:

  1. Pastors
  2. Youth workers
  3. Chaplains
  4. Children's workers
  5. Evangelists
  6. Missionaries
  7. Bible and theological college lecturers
  8. College principals
  9. Counsellors
  10. School teachers
  11. Christians in your professions

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