Our services include consultancy, education, youth camps, legal and financial advice, banking, insurance, advocacy and more.

Baptist Ministry Centre

We are here to provide support services to our community of Churches in any area that is required.

Some of the areas in which we can help and are involved in are:

  1. Consultancies

  2. Group Insurance Scheme (Property, Public Liability, Workers Compensation, etc)

  3. Group Copyright Licence

  4. Obtaining legal advice

  5. Constitutional advice - interpreting and writing constitutions

  6. SafeChurch Program (child protection, Working with Children Card and National Volunteer Police Checks)

  7. Employment advice for pastors and churches regarding conditions and stipends

  8. Campsites

  9. Long Service Leave Fund for pastors and Union Employees

  10. The Advocate

  11. Assistance with property issues

If you have a matter that is not on the list contact us anyway as we will endeavour to assist or identify someone who can.

The Advocate

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